Puppy Wellness, Health and Safety!

The health and safety of our precious puppies is of utmost importance to us.
Rescue agencies and reputable breeders partner with us to provide puppies with essential socialization before they find their forever homes. Our thorough screening process ensures that every puppy comes from a nurturing and compassionate environment until they are ready to join their new families.
Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment for our puppies is of utmost importance to us. Our Studio undergoes thorough sanitization using vet-grade cleaning products.
To learn about additional safety precautions we have implemented to protect the well-being of our puppies, please visit our Puppy Wellness page.

Studio Location

Find us at 117 17 Ave NE #1 Calgary, Alberta.

The Magic of the Human-Animal Bond

We firmly believe in the powerful connection between mental health and the bond shared between animals and humans.
Pets play a crucial role in helping humans cope with stress, combat loneliness, and manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship between humans and pets.
The physical touch from humans generates positive feelings in animals - It has been scientifically proven that when animals are touched by humans, their bodies produce hormones that are linked to a sense of contentment.
Come experience the magic for yourself!

Optimize your Mental Wellness

Our Yoga classes are expertly crafted to cater to all skill levels and enhance relaxation, flexibility, and mental well-being.
Engaging in regular physical movement has been shown to have a significant impact on reducing feelings of stress.
By participating in yoga, you can experience not just physical benefits, but also a boost in happy hormones that can last throughout the entire week.
With a focus on the community's well-being, we host weekly therapeutic classes that enable participants to connect with adorable puppies as well as each other.

Socialization & Puppies

It is essential to prioritize the development of socialization skills in puppies before they are placed in their permanent homes. Research has consistently shown that proper socialization greatly contributes to the overall health and happiness of dogs.
We've created a calm and relaxing environment where they can freely wander and engage with people. This not only helps them become more comfortable with human interaction, but also boosts their confidence before they go back to their homes.
  • 'I surprised my girlfriend with puppy yoga for our anniversary and she was over the moon about it. Highly recommend!'
    ~ Liam N
  • 'The space was beautiful, and the team was so friendly and so were the puppies! lol'
    ~ Dayanna F
  • 'I have started to come every month for my mental health, it's been a great place to come too. The puppies are so healing!'
    ~ Sara W